Sunset Seating

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Several years ago in late September, we visited the Boerner Botanical Gardens Sunset SeatingSunset SeatingThis photograph was my whole purpose of being at the Boerner Botanical Gardens this day. It was the end of September in the Midwest and with the sun going down, the air becomes a bit chilly. But the seating is so inviting and is a wonderful place to watch the sun set. in Hales Corners, Wisconsin (Milwaukee County).  It was a Saturday afternoon and we spent much of our time in the unpopulated areas of the gardens to avoid the wedding parties and their photographers.  We came back around to this area of the gardens just before the Golden Hour (that period of time just before the sun sets).  The sun was lower in the sky and it was casting a beautiful light. 

As I came up the hill towards this seating area, there was another photographer with the same thing in mind.  We looked at each other and we both said, at the same time, "Look at the light!".  Once the few people that were there left the area, he let me take my shots first.  I did so quickly, and moved aside for him to take his.  I stayed a while longer after he left, and got several other shots in the series. 

Boerner Botanical GardensBoerner Botanical GardensThis is the best location for the sunset at the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Hales Corners, Wisconsin Waiting for the SunsetWaiting for the SunsetThis area of the Boerner Botanical Gardens is a superb place to sit and wait for the sunset. Golden HourGolden HourThere weren't many people in this area of the Boerner Botanical Gardens on this day. There was, however, another photographer and we were both vying for the same positions during the Golden Hour.




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