Great Lakes Lighthouses

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One of the things that I have missed the most about living in the Midwest is visiting the lighthouses on the Great Lakes.  One of my favorite lighthouses to visit was the Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine, Wisconsin.  It is located on the north side of Racine Harbor and is on Lake Michigan.  

Wind Point LighthouseWind Point LighthouseWind Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan in Racine County, Wisconsin I have visited the Whitefish Point Lighthouse in Upper Michigan several times and it is always breathtaking. It is on Whitefish Bay and Lake Superior and is the oldest operating lighthouse in the Upper Peninsula.  It's almost always windy out on Whitefish Point.  In this photograph, it was a cold winter day, and the outside temperatures were in the 20s (Fahrenheit).  

Whitefish Point LighthouseWhitefish Point LighthouseThe Whitefish Point Lighthouse is the oldest active light on Lake Superior. A couple years ago, I was happy to be able to visit the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the winter.  It, too, is located on Lake Superior.  Many ships travel Lake Superior hauling the iron ore that is mined in the Upper Peninsula.  Its bright red color makes it one of the most recognizable lighthouses in Michigan.  In the summer, there are tours of the lighthouse and visitors can walk the catwalk out in front.  

Marquette Harbor LighthouseMarquette Harbor LighthouseThe Marquette Harbor Lighthouse is located on Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The Grand Haven Lighthouse on Lake Michigan in Lower Michigan is beautiful, too.  I went out just before sunset to see this lighthouse for the first time.  There were so many people on both piers and a lot of boat activity.  I went back the next morning before sunrise and found just as many people out there, though none on the beach or wading in the water!  There is a pier that runs parallel to where the lighthouse is and there were several fishermen hard at work both times that I visited.  The sun came up behind us and lit the red lighthouse up! Grand Haven Lighthouse at SunriseGrand Haven Lighthouse at SunriseThe Grand Haven Lighthouse is on Lake Michigan in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

If you ever can visit a Great Lakes lighthouse, don't pass it up.  There are so many unique and beautiful lighthouses and many of them offer tours.  After the tour, you can find an empty bench to sit and experience the beauty of the Great Lake.  This bench is at the Wind Point Lighthouse and offers a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.  

Autumn on Lake MichiganAutumn on Lake MichiganIt was a beautifully warm autumn afternoon at the Windpoint Lighthouse on Lake Michigan.



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