Door County, Wisconsin - Cana Island Lighthouse

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Several years ago, we were able to spend a long weekend in Door County, Wisconsin.  Door County is on a narrow peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan.  As a photographer, I loved it because I could capture both sunrise and sunset photographs in the same county with relatively little driving involved!  

Furling the SailFurling the SailSister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin I was able to visit the Cana Island Lighthouse on 2 different mornings.  The clouds were present on both days, but that just made for more dramatic shots.  It never ended up raining while I was on the island, fortunately.  It did rain off and on later in the day and during the night, but cleared up for a while before more clouds rolled back in the next day.

Rain CloudsRain CloudsA storm was brewing at the Cana Island Lighthouse in Door County, Wisconsin

I have visited many lighthouses over the years, but the way the Cana Island Lighthouse is situated is very unique.  I traveled through a residential area and parked my car in a makeshift parking lot.  I couldn't see the lighthouse (or even Lake Michigan) from where I parked. 

Cana Island is connected to the mainland by a causeway.  On the day that I visited, the water levels were low, and I could walk right across. 

Cana Island Causeway SignCana Island Causeway SignA land bridge connects the peninsula and Cana Island.

Before our visit, I remember reading that sometimes you must wade across to the island.  These days, they have someone with a tractor and wagon that will bring people to and from the island when the water levels are high.  I don't recall if they had this wonderful option back when we visited or if it just wasn't needed on the days that I was there. 

The water views on the land bridge were fantastic and wide enough that I could stop to make photographs while other visitors moved past me.

Lake Michigan from Cana IslandLake Michigan from Cana IslandOne of the views on the causeway (land bridge) between the parking area and the Cana Island Lighthouse.

Cana Island CloudsCana Island CloudsCana Island is an island in Lake Michigan and is located in Door County, Wisconsin.

Once we reached the island, I still couldn't immediately see the lighthouse.  But the walk along the path was beautiful!

Path to Cana Island LighthousePath to Cana Island LighthouseA beautiful canopy of trees cover the pathway that leads to the Cana Island Lighthouse in Door County, Wisconsin

First GlimpseFirst GlimpseFirst glimpse of the Cana Island Lighthouse in Door County, Wisconsin

Finally, the lighthouse was in view! 

Cana Island LighthouseCana Island LighthouseDoor County, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan

Two mornings in a row, I spent quite a bit of time wandering around the grounds of the Cana Island Lighthouse.  It was a truly memorable experience, and I was glad I had the opportunity and time to visit!

Cana Island LighthouseCana Island LighthouseCana Island Lighthouse, Door County, Wisconsin

Standing TallStanding TallCana Island Lighthouse, Door County, Wisconsin

Cloudy MorningCloudy MorningCana Island Lighthouse, Door County, Wisconsin


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