Rolling Clouds on the Parkway

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It was drizzling when I left the house before dawn in early July.  I drove through patchy fog on my way to an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I was not sure just what the view would be like with the weather acting the way it was.  It had stopped drizzling, but still, I would never know if I didn't try.

When I arrived at the overlook, there was no visibility to the east.  I could not see the valley below.  I walked across the road to see what the valley looked like to the west.  I was treated to seeing the bigger pockets of fog in the valley.      Pockets of FogPockets of FogTo the west on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a few minutes before sunrise. A few minutes after sunrise, the wind picked up high in the trees.  It was not as windy down on the ground, but I could hear it rushing through the treetops.  At first, I thought the sound meant that someone was coming down the road!  I looked back to the overlook to the east and saw that the low clouds were moving quickly over the valley.  I trotted back down the road to see what I could see. Amazingly, as I crossed the road, I walked out of the fog.    Shifting Clouds at SunriseShifting Clouds at SunriseBlue Ridge Parkway just after sunrise. For the next 8 minutes, I was witness to the clouds rolling through the valley below.  At an elevation of 2,100 feet, I could look straight out from the overlook and see the dark clouds on the horizon between the low-lying clouds in the sky and the low clouds in the valley.  There were no sounds but the sound of the wind in the treetops.  It was an amazing display of beauty that I had never seen before.  I felt very blessed to be there at the right time and in the right place.

Rolling CloudsRolling CloudsFrom the Blue Ridge Parkway just after sunrise.

Cloud LayersCloud LayersThe fog in the valley below was constantly moving and changing.

Cloudy SunriseCloudy SunriseSunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Between the CloudsBetween the CloudsFrom an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway at an elevation of over 2,000 feet. Low clouds were sweeping through the valley just after sunrise.

Clouds Coming TogetherClouds Coming TogetherThe clouds were filling up the valley as they rolled past me.

Cloud BankCloud BankThe clouds were moving further along, obscuring my view of the valley.


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