Winter Sunrise over the Atlantic

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Some of my best sunrise photographs have been made during extreme weather conditions - usually in the winter and on the shores of either Lake Superior or Lake Michigan.  Therefore, I was somewhat prepared for cold weather temperatures when we visited Melbourne, Florida during the Polar Vortex (aka the North American cold wave) in late 2013 and early 2014. 

On one of the mornings that I went down to the beach, it was only 48 degrees Fahrenheit at sunrise and the winds were around 15 miles per hour.  It was COLD!  I did not have my winter coat, but I was wearing a couple layers of sweatshirts and a windbreaker with a hood on it.  And thankfully, I had what I call my photography gloves - they are gloves where my fingertips were exposed for turning the dials on my camera, but I could pull the mitten over top to warm up those cold fingers.

The images that I captured were well worth the cold weather conditions that I endured.  The colors, cloud formations, and the clouds on the horizon as the sun rose made some of the most dramatic sunrise photographs I have made in my career.

Over the next week or two, I will be uploading more of the photographs that I captured during the cold wave on Florida's central coast on the Atlantic Ocean.  Please stop by my Sunrises and Sunsets gallery to take a look!   

Winter sunrise over the AtlanticWinter sunrise over the AtlanticSunrise over the Atlantic in Melbourne, Florida.






























































































































































































































































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