A Storm to the West of the Manistique East Breakwater Light

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Several years ago, we were traveling through Michigan's Upper Peninsula on our way back to our home in Wisconsin. Manistique, Michigan is located on the southern border of the Upper Peninsula, along US 2. This highway is a scenic route that runs along the shore of Lake Michigan. It can be treacherous in the wintertime, though, due to blowing and drifting snow coming off Lake Michigan. But in the summer, it is beautiful!

We knew we would be driving into a rainstorm a little further to the west in the Upper Peninsula, so we decided to pull off to get some shots of the Manistique East Breakwater Light.

Manistique East Breakwater LightManistique East Breakwater LightThe Manistique East Breakwater Light is on Lake Michigan. It is located on the southern shore of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was a beautiful summer day when we visited; just a light breeze coming off Lake Michigan. There were a few people out on the beach, but not as many as we would have expected for a Sunday afternoon in the middle of July. The shore was rocky in places, and it made it challenging for anyone venturing into the Lake for a swim. This sunbather seemed happy to just sit on the beach and look out over Lake Michigan.

Enjoying the SunEnjoying the SunThe rocky shores on Lake Michigan, in Manistique, Michigan

About 20 minutes later, we noticed more dark clouds in the sky. The sun was still out, and not covered with clouds, though, so it was still a pleasant and sunny afternoon at the beach.

Manistique LightManistique LightStorm clouds gathering over the Manistique Light.

To the west, we could easily see the rainstorm that had formed. If you look on a map for where Manistique is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, we were at the top of a horseshoe turned down. Directly to the west of the light itself was US 2, a couple of miles across Lake Michigan. It was an odd sensation to be standing in bright sunlight and see dark clouds and rainfall to the west out over the Lake.

Rain to the WestRain to the WestIt was still sunny at the Manistique Light, but it was obviously raining to the west.

Further to the WestFurther to the WestA heavy rainstorm has formed to the west of the Manistique Light.

It was one of the only times I have been able to clearly see a rainstorm in the distance, at least while on flat land. Typically, there are buildings or trees in the way and that makes it difficult to see the effects of the storm.

Storm Clouds Over the Manistique LighthouseStorm Clouds Over the Manistique LighthouseThe Manistique Lighthouse is located on the southern border of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's in Lake Michigan.



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